Jon Belsher, MD


Jon Belsher explores the importance of compassion

Healthcare Executive.

Caring Community Member.

Jon Belsher is an accomplished business executive and committed philanthropist based in Austin, Texas. Throughout his numerous professional endeavors, Jon has proven himself as an expert at blending the demands and overcoming the challenges of the healthcare and business industries to ensure optimal quality of care and profitability. More importantly, he has gained compassion for all mankind, regardless of circumstances, by serving as the Staff Physician for the non-profit Health Care for the Homeless.


Healthcare Innovation


Jon joined the non-profit organization after training at the Mayo Clinic where he cared for individuals with more fortunate economic dispositions. Motivated to experience the other side of medicine, and to assist those less fortunate, Jon joined Health Care for the Homeless. At Health Care for the Homeless, he gained a deep understanding of, and appreciation for, the plight of homeless men and women without access to basic healthcare services. For Jon, it was truly an eye opening and rewarding experience to render healthcare to those who needed it the most.


Jon’s compassion and goodwill are also evident by his former community involvement and positions held as Clinical Director and Clinical Advisory Committee Member for Special Olympics and as a former Big Brother for United Way.


With a passion for the plight of children and a fervor for athletics, Jon was eager to spearhead the medical program for the Special Olympics in Minnesota. He strongly believes that every child deserves a safe and secure foundation to realize their full potential. Special Olympics was the perfect opportunity for Jon to put his experience as an athlete and physician to use by helping children experience the thrill of competition and sport.


For many years, Jon dedicated his time to the local community as a Big Brother for the United Way. Jon made weekly visits to his Little Brother, helping him with homework, going to the park to play sports, or just going to get ice cream. As the eldest brother of four boys, Jon helped bridge the gap between his father who passed away at a young age and his brothers by assuming the head of the family. This experience helped Jon develop a deep understanding of the importance of caring for children in need of love and support, while also fostering their leadership skills and helping them realize their full potential.


Jon cares deeply about education and the important role that it plays in children’s lives. As a father, he aims to be an exemplary role model and teacher for his children. As an executive and clinician, he aims to be a superior mentor in the classroom and at bedside. Jon gains tremendous satisfaction when he sees the light go off in the eyes of those he trains, coaches and mentors. That is why he is committed to helping support the advancement of educational opportunities for those in his community.  


Jon Belsher believes he is blessed to have reached such a high level of success in his professional career. He understands that it is his duty to give back to the community, a community that has yielded great rewards and success for him personally.


Moving forward, Jon plans to join non-profit boards and continue to support organizations that champion children’s causes. With an innate ability to foster an environment of progression, collaboration, and teamwork, Jon is eager to continue his involvement with causes that are near and dear to his heart.