In my previous blog, I discussed how business leaders can give back to their communities by encouraging their employees to volunteer. Whether it was through VTO days, downloading charitable software on company computers, or offering employees assistance with housing costs, business leaders have an opportunity to give a new meaning to what philanthropy means in their workplace. To give business leaders all the more reason to encourage their employees to volunteer, here are a few companies that offer their employees incentives for doing so.

NuStar Energy

Texas-based NuStar Energy L.P. has about 1,600 employees, $5.1 billion in assets, and pulls in about $2.1 billion in revenue. But it’s assets and revenue isn’t what the company is known for.

NuStar has been ranked as one of Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” for eight consecutive years because of its “sharing is caring” culture and their strong commitment to community service. In fact, NuStar employees participated in a total of 95,000 volunteer hours last year because the company gives its employees an incentive to volunteer: 60 hours of paid volunteer time off per year!

The company has been awarded for its volunteerism, philanthropy, and great corporate culture, which revolves around guiding principles that include: commitment, making a difference, teamwork, and pride. NuStar’s guiding principles are so well-engrained in their employees and their culture that they’re emphasized in all of the company’s communications, activities, and events, and the company displays posters with these principles all throughout their buildings.

PCL Construction

PCL is a group of independent construction companies across the United States, Canada, and Australia. Because the company spans across a few countries, finding a common organization to volunteer for can be challenging. That why the company feels it’s important to let individual districts organize local volunteer efforts that are meaningful in their respective locations. This type of thinking has led the company to be named on Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” for 10 years!

Although it can be difficult for this international company to recognize employees for their volunteer work, PCL Construction holds an annual volunteer recognition luncheon to show their appreciation. Employees who attend have an opportunity to win a $200 check for the charity of their choice, and those who went above and beyond with their hours of volunteer service are awarded a Presidential Service Award plaque.


This small, cloud computing services firm packs a punch in the volunteer world. With only 63 employees, the firm makes sure everyone’s voice is heard because one percent of Zumasys’ annual revenue is donated to a variety of charities nominated by its employees. Even better, some of the donated money also benefits employees’ friends and family members who are facing financial crises.

Now that you’ve read about businesses that provide incentives for employee volunteer work, are you willing to implement this into your business?